As a casual viewer in anime, I always stay up-to-date with its latest trends and shows. Reading blogs or charts, Chartfag’s site for instance. One day, I was looking for latest movies and stumbled upon the moonphase’s anime list, and bingo, there were upcoming movies which he usually didn’t put into his charts for some reason, and so I volunteered to give it a shot to make my own chart. I no need no fame or anything, because I am nobody and nothing to be proud of, not even myself. What matters most is that I feel free to do something that I like. If ever he would input the upcoming movies next season or so, I’m afraid I’d not going to stop making a chart which I started.

This website is not just for making chart in anime. The purpose of this site is to post anything about my perspective which I experienced in the internet world and the reality. Usually, the inputs are the minor or major things happened around my world. Also, I’m not a native American speaker or writer, so this may be a help or practice regarding my needs in English language or country especially in my class and so on.

Anyways, enjoy, sit back, relax in my site.


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